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Forums - Music Discussion - Eurovision 2018 - first semi-final 8 May

any Eurovision fans in here I hope? share your favorites, comments and predictions

I know most in here would probably be haters instead, please reply only if you are willing to actually listen to some of the competing songs before commenting.

Recent years we've had a kind of drop in quality, thankfully last year's 60s ballad Portuguese winner gave new breath, we got tons of different genres and styles this year, which is what I love the most about in this contest.

It is worth nothing that ESC is the second most watched TV program in the world, bigger than the Super Bowl, second only to the World Cup final.

Starting with my personal favorite, Italy. Powerful lyrics and music video in an emotional rock song that aims to bring out the true tragedy of war in Syria and the migrant crisis in Europe. <3 you Italy

Here comes the weird chicken lady from Israel, predicted to be the winner by bookings and polls. Anything can change anytime just like in previous years. Although it's kinda too modern for me, I really like how creative the lyrics and singer are, wonder how it's going to look and sound live.

Time to get serious with some real European art. Estonia brings stunning live opera vocals on stage.

Czech has only qualified to the final once throughout its ESC history, well, this time they could actually win the whole thing. Modern radio-friendly tune with a retro twist, cool guy and fun lyrics.

Game of Thrones gets real on the Eurovision stage for Denmark. Love the dark, medieval atmosphere and lyrics message, fits well with the upcoming waves and storm in the background.  'Freeze the arrow in the air, Make your mark and leave it hanging there'

Last but not least, some sexy Greek-goddess from Cyprus. Party dance mix of Latin and Greek music. ''Cause I'm burning up and I ain't coolin' down Yeah I got the fire'

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