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After some cryptic teasing, Sega and Two Point Studios revealed Two Point Hospital last month—a Theme Hospital spiritual successor from a team of ex-Lionhead and Bullfrog veterans, not least Mark Webley and Gary Carr. 

The first of many throwback sims—"our Little Springfield," so says the developer—Two Point Hospital aims to recapture the humour and refined business management mechanics of its source material. And if the latest in-game footage is anything to go by, I reckon it's on the right path to making that happen. 

Revealed at the PC Gamer Weekender 2018, here's Mark Webley and Ben Huskins on how you'll navigate the game's UI while growing and building your own medical centres: 

Source :PCgamer -

I decided since their own video player wasn't good for embedding, I decided to find a clip from the PCgamer weekender livestream that only featured gameplay of the game itself (because the original stream was 15 minutes long).

That said, I'm looking forward to this game a lot. I've been wanting a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital and we're finally getting one. 

Two Point Hospital is set to release sometime this year. 

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Art style is a bit too cartoony for my tastes, but I may still get it at some point.

shikamaru317 said:
Art style is a bit too cartoony for my tastes, but I may still get it at some point.

Reminds me a bit of Planet Coaster in terms of it's art style. I quite liked the charm that Planet Coaster has with it's style, which is likely why I'm alrgiht with this game's visual design.


We have another Theme Hospital type game that looks less cartoony than this game, but it's more serious in terms of treating real world diseases:

It honestly seems really nice.Just started playing Papers, please, and realized how much I missed simulation games, especially the ones that arent that worried with realism.Gonna keep my eye on this one.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.