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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumor: Nintendo partnering with Kellogg’s on Super Mario Cereal, works as an amiibo

Lol.. a special costume for mario odyssey i guess?

New Super Mario Cereal could be coming up in the future from Kellogg’s. Cerealously claims to have obtained a box image of the product. The cereal itself will apparently feature oat pieces with colored marshmallow shapes, including Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and ? Boxes.

What might be even more noteworthy here is that the cereal itself can apparently be used as an amiibo. The box teases functionality with Super Mario Odyssey.

Cerealously does believe that the cereal is legitimate, but there’s also the possibility that it could be just a prototype. If it is the real deal, this would definitely be interesting.


Reader mariobitsize passed along messages received from Kellog’s earlier today, which we’ve added in below. Apparently this cereal “is hitting store shelves now” and “a limited number” will have the amiibo sticker. Either this is an elaborate fake, or it’s indeed happening. We’ll keep an eye on the situation. 


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Saw this at the store today lol.

Wonder what it unlocks.


Edit: Rumor? Future? Its already in stores unless its something else I saw o.O


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Jim is going to be all over this...

I’d buy a box and Incase it....then buy another box to eat. Lol

Wow, I'm  It's the NES all over again.

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I just got a powerful flashback

Wh ... wha ... WHAAAATTT ?!!

*run to the grocery store*

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It sounds like it's real....aaand I want to try this cereal *_* I'm totally buying it if I see a box.



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I don’t feelike like Microsoft and Sony will copy this move