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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Everyones Favorite Nutcase is at it again

That's right, Jack Thompson (expert of all things biblical) has been firing off shots like crazy this month.  Must have something to do with him not being able to sue Take Two anymore.


Ok, I will give you 4 events which Jack Thompson has done in the past 2 months.  1 of them isn't true. 


#1 Jack Thompson takes on Wendy's Kids meals

#2 Jack Thompson sends an angry letter to Bill Gates blaming him for VA Tech Massacre

#3 Jack Thompson has his legal license suspended indefinately, gamers celebrate everywhere

#4 Capcom fearing for bad press, talks about making less violent video games in the future because of...


Well guess what, Jack Thompson didn't have his license suspended )..;  

Gotta love the Catastrafuck


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Video games dont make me violent. Jack Thompson makes me violent.