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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hospital Uses Wii for Brain Rehab

Some people have praised the Wii for making games more physical, which has even led to weight loss for a few individuals. Now, however, the Wii may have an even better use. A Canadian hospital has started using the console to help patients with brain rehab and motor skills.

When you think of the brain and video games, you're likely to picture Nintendo's popular Brain Training series for the DS. And while the Brain Training games might help some people keep their minds sharp, another Nintendo product is being used for an even greater task: brain rehabilitation. According to the Edmonton Journal, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is the first in North America to use the Wii to help treat patients who suffer from problems with movement and balance.

In particular, 34-year-old Albert Liaw had suffered a stroke from a blow to the head in a boxing match, which left him wheelchair-bound and barely able to move his left arm. However, through the use of the Wii he progressively got better to the point that he was able to stand and play Wii boxing and other Wii Sports games. Dr. Grigore Burdea, an expert in computer-based virtual reality techniques for rehabilitation therapies, believes that in five years every hospital and rehab clinic will make gaming technology a regular part of therapy for patients. "It's very ingenious," Burdea said while speaking at a conference on virtual rehabilitation. "This is pioneering work."

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If this is true then its another PR success for Nintendo


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