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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buzz! and Buzz Jr. coming to U.S. shores PS2

While the Buzz! franchise of PlayStation 2 games has been extremely popular in Europe, even invading classrooms in the UK, we've never seen a version of it here. Well, that will all change soon since Sony just announced that Buzz: The Mega Quiz and Buzz Jr. will be crossing the pond and encouraging gamers to keep their hands hovering over large red buzzers.

The producers told us that we hadn't seen this game here yet because the gamers were resistant to buying a new peripheral ... but how would they know that if we haven't been offered one? Gah! Anyone, Buzz! uses a special Sony PS2 add-on that plugs into one of your USB ports, and splits into four different game buzzers. That means you can have a total of eight gamers (two USB ports, and an extra set of Buzzers) playing at one time.

The adult version of the game features over 5,000 questions that are trivia and time based, and the Jr. version is most about fun and clowning around for kids, while remaining educational. We played a few rounds with both, and it's actually more fun than you'd think. Plus, it helps you pretend you have a bar trivia machine, right in your own home.