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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Uncharted looking good so far

According to Kotaku:

I figured with all the PS3 bashing going on, it's only fair to give a little credit where credit is due. Kotaku is pretty positive about the game.

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No, not good, it looks incredible

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Hmm visualy it is not WOOWWW but the animation is incredible.

well I can't tell how good it looks due to the bad quality of the videos, but I can see the animations are pretty damn good. Plus, this game is still in early stages. It will look better and better. That always gets me excited. ::starts fantasying about FFXIII::

Go to game trailers to download HD quality trailers, What really annoys me is that these demos aren't released over the PSN, like they should be, why can't they just put it there for all those people to play.

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I really had Uncharted much lower on my list of games to get than Lair, Heavenly Sword and Ratchet and Clank, but after seeing how good it is in action and how many different kinds of games it's combining (3rd person shooter, action and adventure) I have it really high up there. This could be what Gears was to the 360: a new IP that defines what next gen should aspire to be on that console...

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yea the game looks great. I like how the action gameplay is fastpaced and looks fun. I also like that there isn't blood spilling all over the place, gore is not needed to make a good game.