Forums - Sony Discussion - Minecraft Vita passes 200k downloads in Japan, Physical release confirmed.

Sony's Japanese website wrote a piece on Minecraft celebrating 500k downloads across all its platforms and credited the vita for 200k of those sales

"The Vita version by itself has sold 200,000 copies in Japan, and to give it more exposure, Sony plan on releasing the Vita version of Minecraft at retail."

Read more at Siliconera:

With VGC having numbers at just under 500k, this means the game is at 700k without in even taking into account digital sales from the west and rest of the world. Its either past 1m already is about to very soon.

Also by the sounds of it sony has SOME say in what happens with PSV minecraft, maybe they can push harder for actual bundles and marketing?! 

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Famitsu has the PS3, PS4 & PSV at around 235k, 50k & 198k respectively.

Pretty good for Minecraft to be honest, best selling Microsoft game in Japan :P

That Microsoft Vita support is real!


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Well, it's mostly MS that's benefitting from this.

Microsoft "saving" the Vita