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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Indie Games are not important ot "Consoles Wars" any more??

Just reached level 50 on Titanfall and now I have some time again to check the Neogaf and its "satelities", looking to how is the state of the "War" on their particular world.

Well, what I have noticed is that the console war has pratically forsaken the Indie games as bragg rights to their undisputable champion, the PS4.

They are still talking about resolution for every single multiplat, whethe is 1080p/900p or the each day rarer 1080p/720p... And of course the Last of Us doble dip.

There are bearly any discusion for the possible PS4 exclusives and even less buzz for the many Indie game PS4 is geting along this year.

Unfortunally it seems 2014 is bound to be about pixel counting more than great new game experiences.

What do you guys think?

Do you think Indie Games are still relevante to the console war?