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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Santa Monica: 62k Champions have Platinum'd GodofWar Ascension

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Sony Santa Monica tweeted today...

62k gamers platinum'd this game... a Ultra Rare Trophy.

Yeap... you are thinking right... doing the maths at least 2.8M gamers played/had this game... this is the minimum... why? Well because there are a lot of guys that didn't use the console online or ever synced the throphies.

Thanks @bobgamer for the hint.

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2.8 million, huh? It seems we've undertracked the game somewhat on here.

But not all of it will have came from direct sales as people share games with family and friends and there are also those who rent games.

I've platinumed it :D Great game, i absolutely loved the multiplayer, pretty disappointed that there wasnt any trophies for the multiplayer, could've gave the game longevity.

Sony Santa Monica, how about you stop giving us stats no one cares about and announce your new game already?

I've got it! :P

If 62,000 = 2.2% then the game must have sold A LOT better than we'd think, probably over 2.5 million.

Pretty sure it's over 2 million at retail now and has a couple 100K of digital sales, good stuff, hope the next GoW improves everything and sells twice as much.

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Also as you can see by my platinum time stamp I did it BEFORE they patched the trial of Archimedes on hard mode!

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