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I have a few important questions for ioi that need to be answered. Yes, I know I could leave a wall post on ioi's wall to ask these questions, but he never responds to his wall posts, so I would rather not waste my time. So I decided to make this thread so everyone on the chartz could ask ioi their most important questions. I'll go first...If ioi answers these questions, my life will be complete.


1. Approximately, what percentage of traffic for VGChartz comes from gamrconnect?
2. Do you consider yourself a "casual" gamer?
3. Do you browse the off-topic and other non-gaming related threads?
4. Do you think Nintendo is doomed?
5. Are you aware of the super-spammer known Spurgeonryan? If so, how much significance do you think he/she/it has on the success of the site? 

Remember, there are no wrong answers. However, my respect for you depends on your responses.


Feel free to leave your own questions and maybe ioi will answer them.

Although if your questions concerns sales adjustments and/or issues, I redirect you here. Please don't bring them in this thread.

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I have a question for Mr. ioi: why do you never reply back to anyone on your wall?

I know I'm not ioi but maybe I can help?

1. 34.768 %
2. Yes I do.
3. Sure do
4. Of course. Doesn't everybody?
5. I know him / it. Him / it is a special member who is both loved & hated at the same exact time.

You're welcome.

Pezus has more posts. Insanity more threads.

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