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Who was the most accurate on the future?

Pachter 6 40.00%
Rubin 0 0.00%
Collier 0 0.00%
none 7 46.67%
All of them 2 13.33%

Flashback to a Bonus Round episode back in 06.

Did these guys predictions on the future of gaming back in 06 come true?



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All three post by myself.

Pachter called the marketshare % back in 06. He was basically correct just had the companies in the wrong order. 38%, 32%, 30%


My Real Redneck friends


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Pachter was correct in that WiiU would be the sales leader to begin with, but the longer the generation lasted the stronger PS3 would become. Which turned out to be true. He was also right in that it would become a close 3 horse race.

He was also right in his prediction that Nintendo would be the supreme leader in terms of profits in the console market.

Conclusion is that Nintendo should have started the next generation in 2011 provided they would be ready for HD development by then. Thus MS and Sony would rush to the market for a 2012 release of their next-gen consoles leaving them unable to deliver meaningful profits for the 7th gen.

All in all, Pachter did an incredibly good prediction as to how the 7th gen would turn out.

Note: Its interesting how Nintendo is a huge part of Bonus Round in 2006 and completely ignored in 2012. If only Gametrailers existed, one might have thought Nintendo didn't even exist looking at how it's run right now.