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Forums - Sony Discussion - A mrw thread in regards to Sony conference

So, since I have my whole reactions logged from IRC, I decided to just post them in an own thread. You don't need to read the 50 minutes of rant, then excitement, then rant when AC4 gameplay, then lulz @ AC4 crashing, then excitement, then rant.

I only copypasted my rant phases to the top of the pastebin, because they are prolly more fun to read, looking at the fact that I am normally all over Sony stuff

[2013-06-11 05:06:56] okay: overall verdict
[2013-06-11 05:07:01] MEH

I wonder if really someone will even bother to read those ~2000 lines (looking at the fact there is even some bot-spam inbetween)

Well, maybe another ridiculous statement by me:

[2013-06-11 03:56:18] INFAMOUS!
[2013-06-11 03:56:23] IESSU
[2013-06-11 03:56:30] INFAMOUS BEST GIRL!
So anyway, what was yrw something was to your liking/not to your liking, and do you care to share?