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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Pricing on the Virtual Console

I was looking at the VC list on the Wii and honestly I wasnt entirely amazed at what they charge for some of their rather "B class" titles.

Some games can be justified with the price they charge, like Zelda or Solomon's Key but the I wouldnt want to spend $5+ on most of these ancient games with no real hardcopy of anything, especially if you can probably pick them up for uber cheap at a pawnshop or garage sale.  They may be 'Classics' but they're rather pathetic in terms of gameplay from today's standard.  I would be disappointed to find out that I payed 5$ for a 3 minute donkey kong game, crappy sports games on NES or repetitive same stage games like galaga ice climber or mario bros.  These titles should be around $2 IMO.

I just get the impression that Nintendo is trying to milk more than necessary $$$ from adult users with nostalgic memories and younger kids trying out the popular classic titles using their long gone old library.  I was kinda shocked to find out they even charge $5 for Super Mario Bros.  IMO they should have gave it a free download for the user to experience VC and *the* classic super mario...

What do you think?  or am I just being too cheap?

crappy old school NES games are more entertaining than next-gen games.

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Crappy games like Ice Age and Sponge Bob will often cost the full $50 too. *shrug*

I agree that there is a world of difference between a game like Castlevania (awesome) and a game like TMNT (not worth the cartridge it was printed on). And yeah, games like the original Donkey Kong don't offer a whole lot of value for your money, comparatively speaking. I think $5 is a fair price for a NES game, but I also think maybe games like DK and DK Jr. should've been packaged together as one title. Same goes for SMB, SMB2, SMB3, etc. They're going to release these one at a time to get $15 from everyone, then release All-Stars later, which includes improved versions of all of them on one cartridge. The only thing you can do about it is vote with your wallet, and only buy the titles you think are worth the money. I'm certainly not wasting my Wii Points on TMNT.

Maybe you are a little cheap but I´m just the same, why sould I re-buy games I used to have, shure Zelda is worth the money but not every game is a Zelda, there was a different topick here a while ago about how Nintento has to pay the people who own the rights to the games and the internet providers but I really think they should have put some of their own games in there for free or given each Wii buyer some points for free since the Wii makes profit...the again you can never have enough profit. But I really get your point since some of those games weren´t worth five bucks back when they came out, others are still priceless, but thats just my opinion.

@Entroper:   I was such a huge Turtles fan back then but that game was such a disgrace, it was so impossible to beat or even reach level 2 or 3, I just gave up on it, never met a soul that actually beat that game, and it was for kids, played it at a friends house a while ago....its still as hard as it was when I was 8 so I really feel with you on this one. Anyone who can prove to me that he beat that game will be worshiped by me like a king.    




Well, I think you are right, paying 10$(I think) for Zelda Ocarina of time sounds "fair" is one of the best games ever, but paying 5$-10$ for other games that are not even close to be as good as Zelda is unfair, those are old games, "classic" but old, super mario bros. should be free and others like donky kong or ice climbers shuold be free with time, I guess if they sell games like this: NES-2$, SNES-4$(Turbograf, Genesis, etc) and N64-6$ they will sell 400X better that the actual price and people will be more happy because they can buy more games for less money.

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