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Forums - Sports Discussion - So i'm using performance enhancing drugs again.

This time i'm shooting up some Folistatin 344.  It's like the peptides that i've been using but 5 or 10X stronger in terms of muscle building effects. 

Folistatin basically shuts off the myostatin enzyme production, which limits muscle growth.  We basically have this enzyme that keeps you smaller than what you could be, and if you shut it off, then you'd be huge, like one of those belgian blue bulls (google it, yo).


I'm injecting it into my calves since about 30% of the growth is site specific, and not general.  My arms dominate my legs, so i'm doing lower-body to use the portion of growth that is site specific to even things out.  

I started saturday and already gained 2 pounds of muscle.  It also makes you hungry as hell and gives an unbeleivable whole body pump.  Just doing some yard work makes my calves and lower back pump almost unbearably, but that should go away in a few days.  This sh!t is great.