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Forums - Sony Discussion - New Diablo 3 PS3 Gameplay Footage & Official Trailer

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It's me of the gameplay looks better than the PC game? The new features and interface are cool.

The Official Trailer

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Pretty sure this has been posted already.


Nevermind it was just screen shots.

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A game site here in Brazil played the PS3 version of the game with the new interface... and they are really impressed with that new clean interface for console... easy and practical.

I like it.

_crazy_man_ said:
Pretty sure this has been posted already.

Well... like aways I used the search here with the word Diablo and nothint about this video came in the the results... it is a VGC fault not mine

Added the official trailer.

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I found that part on Kotaku interesting and matching with what I saw in the videos...

"There are two reasons the console port of Diablo III, announced by Blizzard last month and shown off at PAX East this weekend, could be the definitive version of the game.

The first reason is obvious: you can play offline. You don't have to worry about server errors or Time Warner Cable while playing this incarnation of Blizzard's action-RPG.

Reason #2 is harder to understand without getting your hands on the PlayStation 3 version of the third Diablo, but it becomes obvious almost as soon as you do: Diablo III feels much, much better on a controller than it does on a mouse and keyboard."