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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who is correct?

There seems to be a huge disparity between what VG charts list and what other sites list. Here are the charts NexGen Wars show: As you can see those numbers are way different from what VG charts show especially on the Wii which has over a 40% difference?!? Also all the sites that I have read show the Xbox getting dangerously close to the 10m mark. I just want to know where the numbers are coming from and which ones can really be trusted?

Around the Network Read this tread you will realize that the number for the 360 have much more chance to be the good one on VGcharts. And for the wii its clear the number on nexgenwar are realy bad.

Ok I read the artical and I can buy the Xbox numbers. I don't have any problem with that. Where are the Wii numbers coming from? Your response "nexgenwars numbers are way wrong" does not work for me. That is way higher then anything I have read anywhere. Where are you'll coming up with that

Ok I found this same discussion in another area. Ignore this thread I'll go over there.