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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How about a ongoing contest?

Like they have at basically, have a weekly Japan game using the famitsu charts as the reference, with the cutoff being the press date of the famitsu magazine. scored by % off from the total. The highest can win like a keychain or something. Then, the highest aggregate over 3 months or 6months can win a game (get a sponsor for the contest) and yearly winner can get a gift cert or a console Similar contests can be run for the US charts

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Well it's funny you should mention that as we have already started planning a predictions league. Anyone who is signed up to the site can enter and we will hold weekly / monthly competitions and keep track of running accuracies etc. This part of the site should be ready in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!! Any more thoughts / ideas?

not really, the only other numbers oriented site I visit is box office mojo, you can check them out for a number of games. I'm tempted to suggest a Wii prediction game where the participant picks a date/week when Wii sales pass Xbox 360. But I cannot think of a way that would make it fair and not easily hacked as there are only so many dates on the calendar... I guess it would be just dependent on how fast Nintendo can make them. I suspectWii shortages will last till past May.