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Does someone here know the exact releasedate of Haze for the PS3...

I need the PAL date...


IGN is saying Europe will get the game Januari 18th and the US somewhere in March but Freeradical's official site ( isn't giving any specific dates...

Sites like Gamestop give the US releasedate, so that ain't helping!


Someone, anyone... Does anyone know?... Plz help me out ... 


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game was pushed what date... i dont know

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I spit in your mouth at nite



end Q4, so I suppose feb/march
but dont know for which market it is

Time to Work !

I'm getting tired of all this mess with the dates. I just hope in the end the game doesnt disapoints and turns out to be shit lol
I have high hopes for Haze! says March 2008 for America and EU,

Futureshop says January 17th, but that's probably a mistake.

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I hope they just skip this game. I have a bad feeling about how good Haze will not be. The red lights went on when I saw a preview back in November that was questioning some of the gameplay concepts...

^^^ I'm thinking of buying a PS3 and a big part of it is because of this game, I really hope this game is amazing or I'll be really disappointed.