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Hi everyone, here is our latest review, this time it's Mario Party 9 for the Wii!

'Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations, or just for fun - all great reasons to have a party. However, in the Mushroom Kingdom the only reason you need to throw a shin-dig is because Mario said ‘Let’s-a-go!’. As with any series that's been around long enough to reach its ninth mainline entry, you would expect a degree of innovation and key differences between games; something to keep players excited and wanting to come back for more. However, while Nintendo promised to shake things up for Mario’s latest box social, you'll probably still find an excuse to leave this party early.'

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Fits with what I saw in a Giantbomb playthrough of it.
I'd say Fortune Street is the new Mario Party.... so, the Mario Afterparty, I suppose?

Most critics say its good, you say its over