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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo Wii Bundle With Super Mario Wii Game and Soundtrack Coming To US

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Last week Nintendo was showing off a new Wii bundle for Europe in a cool blue color with the Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympics. That bundle wasn’t going to come to the US and has no GameCube support integrated. Nintendo has announced that the US will be getting its own black Wii console bundle. The bundle is set to land on October 23 and will include the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game title. Other than the game, the bundle will also include the soundtrack to Super Mario Galaxy.

The console in the bundle is glossy black and includes a glossy black nunchuck and Wii remote. The new bundle will be offered for $149.99 making it cheap and aimed at the new buyer of a Wii console. The game supports up to four players, so if everyone wants in on the Mario action you will need three more remotes and three nunchucks

.If you are new to the Wii market, the current bundle that offers the Wii in white or black along with the nunchuk and Mario Kart will still be on the market for $149.99. If you are just starting, I think most folks would agree Mario Kart is the better of the games in the bundles. The new black bundle has no GameCube support.

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yeah, me too. But the Zelda bundle will come with the Symphony soundtrack when its released.....