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Forums - Sales Discussion - CNBC says...December in USA:360 2 millions,Wii 1,8

from CBNC: Xbox 360 about 2 millions Wii about 1,8 millions PS3 about 750k

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Oh my, not again. Thats ESTIMATES for NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER.

Well if its november and december that would had some sense ...after all the X360 sold 515 000 in november ...a 1400 000 figure for december would be about right ...same for the Wii ...and the PS3 I think it will have sold something more around 850-900 000 specially seeing the big ship numbers of 31 dec ...dunno if these will be included in the NPD numbers though .

These numbers are early estamates but also are only what was "sold in North America from November up until December 25".