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A TV show evictee in the US has channeled Sylvester Stallone in what is perhaps the most bizarre, memorable and indeed hilarious reality exit in TV history.

Jonny Sarhanis, a professional arm-wrestler, was last week evicted from the VH1 program 'Ton Of Cash', a show in which contestants compete to haul $1 Million cash from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

After being eliminated, Sarhanis took to the stage and delivered the famous inspirational speech from Stallone’s 2006 blockbuster 'Rocky Balboa'. After his monologue, he proceeded to scream and beat his chest in a frenetic, primeval fashion before collapsing onto the stage.

Sarhanis has modelled his life after his idol Sylvester Stallone and even calls himself “The Greek Mystique”, his answer to Rocky Balboa’s “Italian Stallion” moniker.



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The greek mystique and the Italian stallion together at last! Didn't they meet in Stallones first movie ever. What was that again? :)

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The hell? x'D

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