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I'm happy to say that I now own every Game Republic game released at retail on the PS3. It's been a small personal goal of mine and I finally finished the small collection with my purchase of Knights Contract. I don't know why I've chosen Game Republic, I've never finished one of their games and even though I find them enjoyable, I can admit that they aren't of the highest of quality. I think it's just their nicheness that attracts me, the uniqueness and dream like thinking that goes into their games. Hell, even Clash of the Titans, a movie tie in, was able to introduce a whole bunch of interesting mechanics and was able to differentiate itself from it's competitors. 

A list of their games:

Genji: Days of the Blade (It was really hard to find a good quality copy)

Folklore (Probably their best game, it's also a Sony owned IP and I can only hope that a sequel is released at some point)

Clash of the Titans (Probably the easiest to find and the cheapest)

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (Took a bit of time, but I managed to track down a copy)

Knights Contract (This game was the hardest to find, it also cost the most and its Game Republics last game)


I've also begun collecting their non PS3 games, so far I've got Genji: Dawn of the Samurai and Dragon Ball: Origins and I hope to be able to finish the complete collection by the end of the year (hopefully).

Game Republic have sadly closed down, but their greatness lives on in my collection. I'm now trying to collect all the HD From Software games, I'm about half way done, but a couple of their 360 games have been hard to find. 

So, does anyone else try and collect all the games of specific developers or even publishers?

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I have every Team Bondi games.


But seriously, I just need Armored Core 4 to complete my From Software PS3 collection.

I was doing this with imageEpoch's Nintendo systems games. I own Luminous Arc 1 & 2, Sands of Destruction, and Arc Rise Fantasia.

Sadly, 7th Dragon and Luminous Arc 3 won't be getting a western release. It looks like they've shifted their focus to developing for the PSP.

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only if the games are great.

working on Sony santamonicas and Ready at Dawn's God of War games. and Team ICO.

Only if a dev always makes good games. I'd never buy a crappy game, even if it's by a dev I love. If a good dev makes a crappy game, fans should let the devs know that it's a crappy game by not purchasing the game.

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No I wouldn't do that unless all the games were very good.

You guys aren't fun, bad games are the spice of life, without them being the differentiator the good games would all just taste the same. Pepper on it's own is horrid, pepper on a chicken fillet is grand, the same thing applies to games.

Also, some developers don't release bad games, people are acting as if every developer has a black sheep.

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