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Forums - General Discussion - What Do You Think Of This Song?

1 Sheryl Crow: my favorite mistake

2 Garbage: happy when it rains

3 Hole: doll parts

4 No Doubt: dont speak

5 Corey Hart: sun glasses at night

6 Jewel: you were meant for me

7 Aldo Nova:fantasy

8 Blindside: pitifull

9 deftones: change

10 Marilyn Manson: coma white

11 Marilyn Manson: sweet dreams

12 Marilyn Manson: heart shape glasses

13 NIN: terrible lie

14 NIN: hurt

15 Nirvana: sappy

16 RATM:ghost of tom joad

17 Black Label Society: bleed for me

18 Black Label Society: still born

19 The Misfits: dig up her bones

20 White Zombie: living dead girl

21 Mudvayne: not falling

22 Mudvayne: severity

23 Mudvayne: version of a truth

24 Debbie Deb: when i hear music

25 Shannon: let the music play

26 Timbaland: the way i are

27 The Pussy Cat Dolls: i hate this part

28 Katy Perry: ET

29 the Knife: Heartbeats

30 September: Cry for you

31 Haddaway: What is love

32 Clint Mansel: Lux Aeterna

33 Adele: Set fire to rain

34 K's choice: Not an addict

35 Lessie: Pursuit of happiness

36 Calvin Harris: Sweet nothing

37 Shannon: Give me tonight

38 Lana del rey: Blue Jeans

39 Jewel: Intuition

40 Lana del rey: Summertime sadness

41 Korn: right now

42 Korn: did my time

43 Marilyn Manson: taint love

44 Marilyn Manson: antichrist superstar


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I didn't like it. Not a fan of that sorta techno background, plus I don't like rap with the exception of Public Enemy, NWA, and a couple others.

I think I need some asprin for my headache. Did not like the song at all.