What do you think of nintendo week?

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What do you think of nintendo week?

Too much fluff in the sho... 15 50.00%
Its great the way it is!!!! 8 26.67%
I wish they gave out more insider info 7 23.33%
Told you more about games shown. 0 0.00%

Yeah, Allison is a HUGE reason why i slouch through Nintendo Week every week. The show has gotten really hard to watch with the last couple of episodes void of any practical information.

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Imphamis said:

Hm, I'm starting to wonder if the main reason people even watch Nintendo Week is because of Allison.

I say it's fine the way it is, atleast IMO. It appeals to almost all viewers.

except for straight women and gays


on a serious note i find its better than the god awful ninty news but i think that http://wiifolder.com/2010/01/the-pipeline-jan-30th-2010/ is sooooooooooooooo much better than both of them

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Hulk say Nintendo not week. Nintendo strong.

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So basically I need a pretty face on the show to get people to watch and my twin power isn't going to be enough?