So how many Wii's exactly did Nintendo provide to retailers this week?

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Just saw this article


Looking to get a Wii for Christmas? Act now.

Last night at the Lich King launch, I got the chance to speak with a GameStop exec who pointed out that Wii was currently in stock at the San Francisco downtown store.

In fact, he said, the retailer had secured enough Wii consoles from Nintendo that he was confident the hard-to-find game system would be in stock at all GameStop stores until the first week of December. That's right -- GameStop could have enough to last through Black Friday.

It's not just GameStop, though -- it's in stock right now at Amazon, too, and I wouldn't be shocked if you see it in big box stores. It seems not that demand is declining, but that Nintendo has finally gotten production ramped up to levels that actually support the continued demand.

After that, who knows. Wii Fit is a "different story," they said. Looks like it won't be terribly difficult to get Wii this holiday season, but the exercise game will be the Turbo Man of 2008.

Wii has been in supply all week at Amazon. This must have been a huge shipment!!! Enough Wii's to last through black Friday. Thats a lot of Wii's!!!


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Epic sales are on the horizon..

Huh. Who would've thought that beggining anew in my real life would coincide with starting anew on vgchartz?

Any day now, the dollar will be worth less than 2 zloty......any day now.....and my life savings will be in total jepordy ;(.

Amazing what Wii fit's doing, theres only like 2 games to choose from. SW with in store demos should really kick its ass in too gear not that it needs it

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The idea of the Wii managing to hold up under pressure through Black Friday is terrifying. Reggie must have been serious last year when he regretted every sale lost to constrained supplies.