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colonelstubbs said:
In the UK O2 rule...however im with Vodafone, and they are fricking awful!

That's T-Mobile for you!!!

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ecurbj said:

I can't pick really because I like AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile...If I had to pick. I would choose Verizon Wireless...they have the most coverage over the U.S.

How about you guys? Which is the best service provider?


AT&T.. more bars in more places!


Plus AT&T has a way better driver in the Sprint Cup series than any other service, granted there's only Jeff Burton and Ryan Newman with sponsors from phone companies. Moral of the story, Jeff Burton > Ryan Newman.

Hi, this is Vince with Shamwow.

DMeisterJ said:
If PSrock got it that low for looks, I should get mine for free!! ^_^

And 200 texts is blasphemy, but we can't all have blackberries :-/


And yet they overcharge you. Go figure.

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I travel a lot so i use different sim cards for different countries. Verizon has no Sim cards in the traditional sense therefore Verizon fails until they allow customers to switch Sim cards