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it's marketshare keeps improving steadily

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Rock_on_2008 said:
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Rock_on_2008 said:

Well done PS3. People keep buying PS3 and help support Sony. Go PS3.

I believe PS3 will be around 25% market share by end of the year. By end of the year the other two consoles market share will be: Wii around 49% and the 360 around 26%.

First 100 million consoles breakdown: Lets say PS3 will be on 25 million, 360 on 26 million and the Wii on 49 million.

Here are my end of the year predictions

Wii: 49%

360: 27%

PS3: 24%

Not far off my predictions lol. BTW Wii gaining market share is no big deal considering it is selling more than the 360 and PS3 combined most weeks.

 true, basically wii will steal 360 market share and PS3 will hold onto its market share.

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