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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who could be potential guest characters in Tekken 8?

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It's not a secret that Tekken 8 is going to be a big deal when it comes out. It's part of this "fighting game renaissance" going on along with MK1 and SF6. But with many games (especially fighting games) we see a bunch of guest characters make appearances. This for better or worse, has become a pretty common theme in the fighting game space. Now Harada initially said he wasn't focused on guest characters for Tekken this time around. But we all know money talks. So he can say one thing now and do a 180 later on. So with that said, let's take some guesses as to who can potentially come to Tekken 8. Personally, I think I'd see Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza/ Like a Dragon franchise fitting in the best.