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Forums - General Discussion - VGChartz Counselling: Mr. Leynos & Mr. Hynad Beef

As you can see below, our friend Leynos has a mysterious beef with our friend Hynad which resulted in Leynos blocking Hynad.

I am making this thread to hear from both sides and hopefully, we as a tight strong community, can come together to finally solve and squash this long standing animosity between these two lovely users.

~This thread was made with permission from Mr Khan

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@Hynad @Leynos 

Come forth and explain yourselves. Harbouring ill feelings is never a good thing.

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Leynos said:

Tell us why and when this all started and what made you say enough is enough and block him?

I don't have beef except in my freezer. I did the same thing here as I do on Twitter. I'm a Kamiya. I just have block parties with people who I find annoying. No real hate or beef. Pretty simple. Tho here it's like 3 people. That's about it.

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Nah homie, not like this!