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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - My thoughts on Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Just played Pokemon Legends Arceus

And I didnt know I needed it. I found it brillant!

Instead of pokemon battle with trainers like any other pokemon game, it focus in the battle with wild pokemon while exploring the wild world.

It perfects the catching mechanics. I like lets go because I catch tons of pokemon without having to battle, but there is no way to battle if you want. Otherwise, in other pokemon games, you must to start a battle to catch a pokemon. Now we have the best of the two worlds: if you sneak throw their viewfield you can catch without starting a battle. And battle if you want.

But I think it could be even better! I have some suggestions:

- Let you take better advantage of the environment. For now, to get close without being noticed, the only options are crouch at the grass and analysing the behavior of the pokemon. But I think it could be expanded with more options. It could have a detection system taking in account the visual, noise, smell, (very well presented to the player, maybe showing the radius borders) in such manner the environment affects the perception of the pokemon.

Like: you approach against the wind would decrease the smell perception radius in that direction; in rain noise radius should be minimal; fire moves thrown by pokemon burn the grass, creates smoke that decrease visual radius.
And maybe some could influence the ball throw: wind deviation, burning grass creating updrafts to pokemon travel further, aiming is more difficult on rain...

- Extra challenge for catching alpha and legendary pokemon. It was kinda easy to get high level pokemon: throw a unnoticed ball and have some luck. and since you have a high level, it is even easier to get higher level pokemon.

So, they could add some challenges to these alpha pokemon and legendaries(or the high level pokemon in general): maybe an aura that pushes you (make you move slowly towards the pokemon) and pushes back your pokeball throws. you can only approach it, and you could only throw a pokeball (for catching or start battling) when you get really close, after evading their attacks.
This even would add the sense that every alpha and legendary are like a mini frenzied noble pokemon battle, but without having to build a specific battle mechanic for each of them. (trainer at a higher level would decrease the aura pushback influence).
So if you are really good at knowing the moves and how to dodge them, you could take advantage of higher level pokemon in early game. 

-A health bar to the trainer. I think is not clear the feedback of how close you are to be blacked out. And also, seems that stronger moves cause same damage than weaker on the trainer. So a health bar you help to understand what to avoid, and would allow different punishments depending on which pokemon you are facing. Seems resonable to be 1 shot by high level alpha pokemon at the beggining of the game.

It could be epic if it had more time of development to refine these things.