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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [rumor] Dead space sequel or spiritual successor are hinted for PS5 reveal, game showcase recommend using head phones

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Sony are recommending  gamer to use  headphones during the shows. Probably they are trying to demo some games with PS5 3d Audio tempest 

also at the same time Dead space writer also hinted that the games he made  will be showed on PS5 event. 

Do you remember when Mark Cerny shows game slide (Dead space ) on Road to PS5 while he explaining  tempest 3d audio  engine?

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shikamaru317 said:
If it is a Dead Space game I would assume that it is a multiplat game that Sony has marketing on, rather than a sequel. EA isn’t really a publisher that likes to release exclusive games.

probably just a spiritual successor or perhaps new IP that similar to Dead Space 

don't forget to use Headphones during presentation,  

BraLoD said:
New IP.
Dead Space is... dead.

yeah i think it's a new IP, but with similarity to Dead Space, or perhaps the writer were asked by Sony to make new Silent Hill??? 

I hope it will be a Dead Space in VR .

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I haven't played Dead Space, but if people are excited by this good.

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