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Xcloud Preview Progam impression?

This is the future of gaming. 0 0%
Very impress - Surpass expectation 2 50.00%
Somewhat impress - match expectation 0 0%
Disappointed - Failed to meet expectation 0 0%
Disappointed - Played on a slow connection 0 0%
Very disappointed 0 0%
This service sucked avoid Xbox Xcloud 0 0%
I haven't tried the service 2 50.00%

I finally got access to the Xbox Xcloud preview program here in Canada. 

Full disclosure on my test, internet speed at home is 185 Mbps download 15 Mbps upload. I also tried on my mobile network (88 mpbs Download 17 mbps upload) and notice no difference. I intend to try it at my work tomorrow on a slower connection.

I'm pretty impressed with it so far, I was expecting much worst input delay. 

So far I played Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and Batman: the telltales Series. 

It's not a flawless service so far, I felt that it was harder to play Forza Horizon 4 compare to the console experience. I feel like you have to play with the rewind in order to make up for control not feeling has tight. 

Sea of Thieves- I'm used to playing on Xbox one X so the game doesn't look has good on Xcloud and for some odd reason I had a harder time controlling the map, when I wanted to zoom in or out it would zoom all the way out or all the way in instead of gradual zooming out. You really have to be conscious of a light press on the trigger in order to gradually zoom.

Batman - I played the entire episode 1 on Xcloud, this game worked really well on xcloud I had plenty of time to make my selection and was able to match the quick prompt that the game demands at time. 

Overall, the service doesn't compare to the Xbox one X console experience. But, it really does give the option to play Xbox games on the go. For anyone that doesn't want to invest in a console and wants to play a Microsoft exclusive it's a very serviceable alternative. So, far I'm pretty impress with my first impression of the service and it did surpass my initial expectation. 

Last edited by yvanjean - on 31 January 2020

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA