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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: Another PS5 Devkit Pic along with Dual Shocked 5 and Demon's Souls Remake hint

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" A freshly leaked image of the PS5 has given us our first look at the DualShock 5 controller, alongside evidence of the rumoured Demon's Souls Remake that's said to be in the works at Bluepoint Games. 

As shared by prominent internet newshound AllGamesDelta on Twitter, the photo reportedly comes from an anonymous developer, and shows the next-gen console's devkit (the same one which Sony has confirmed as genuine) in all its V-shaped glory, but the juiciest details of this latest leak can be discovered only when viewed up close. 

Take a look at the controller sitting on top of the right console; that's almost certainly the DualShock 5, the next-gen PS5 controller that has already been half-revealed thanks to leaked Sony patents that emerged online earlier this month. As those patents demonstrated, not much has changed for the DualShock model in its transition to next-gen, but the new and improved device reportedly features an in-built microphone in lieu of the DualShock 4's light bar. 

Additionally, some have suggested that a closer inspection at the code displayed on the front of the devkits reportedly reveals the line "Demon's Souls Remake Prototype" in hazy text, though I can't seem to be able to make it out for myself. This seems to confirm previous rumours that Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake, is indeed working on a next-gen reimagining of FromSoftware's beloved 2009 RPG. 

Bluepoint itself has already confirmed that its next title is a PS5 launch game exclusive, in the same article that revealed the upcoming hardware itself is launching sometime in Holiday 2020,  setting it toe to toe with Microsoft's own Xbox Project Scarlett in the same season. "

OP notes;  " The Demon's Souls Remake  " is not yet confirmed to me, because it looks too blurry. The Controller looks definitely like the patent , it perhaps still a prototype as well. Just look at the PS4 devkit and PS4 pro devkit at the back of PS5 devkit, you can compare how big PS5 devkit is , it's more then twice of PS4 Pro devkit, PS5 probably will be big as well. 


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hey dude, I'm 2mins faster. :p

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hey dude, I'm 2mins faster. :p

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