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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 game sales updates: GoW confirmed ~11mil shipped, Uncharted 4 ~16mil shipped

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If someone can do this thread better and include the pertinent graphs, feel free and I’ll cede my thread.

See the graph at the bottom of the linked page for the game sales. It’s not exact, but it’s way more info than we’ve had up until this point.

I knew GoW had to have sold at least 10mil by now; the real surprise is Uncharted 4 at around 16mil. Beast! I also didn’t realize TLoU PS4 outsold the ps3 version and is around 12mil. And this doesn’t even include Horizon, which also recently hit the 10mil sold mark. This just further exemplifies how much Sony has killed it with its exclusives this gen. And TLoU p2 will be another 10mil+ seller, with the high likelihood of hitting 15-20mil.

There’s some other interesting info as well, including PS5 tidbits; confirmation that GoT, TLoU ps2, and Death Stranding will indeed each come to the PS4; and suggestion of future studio acquisitions. Overall, this article is a good read and is really informative.

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Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that.

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