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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ask and you shall receive: First Good game play of LEFT ALIVE

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+ Craft right on the spot

+ music in younger guys section sounds straight out of MGS1

- crouch walking/running and walking while holding something animations look weird.

- A.I. still appears to be stupid - player throws a bunch of smoke grenades into a room filled with enemies and they do not react at all.

- Campy anime dialog.

Wanzer game play looked ok.

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This is actually the first time I've bothered to watch anything from it, and I'm getting MAJOR MGS vibes, even from the cheesy dialogue lol. Maybe it's just the amount of "meh" games I play, but this actually looks pretty decent.

"Someone fingered me for this death..."

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Interesting. Will have to keep my eye out for this one.

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Looks pretty meh and generic but I'm getting that feeling with most games after playing BoTW

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