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Forums - General Discussion - Who are your top 3 favorite Kingdom Hearts characters?

Here's mine in order:

1. Aqua

2. Axel

3. Ventus

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Edit: Somehow posted this in the wrong thread.

Those 2 I like the absolute best. As for number 3 that is really hard it's a tie between. Sora, Namine, and Roxas.

Aqua, Terra, and Ventus I like a lot too and pretty much equally to be contenders for 3rd place but I just like the other ones a bit more.

Here we go!

1- Roxas : Yeah he's probably my favorite character in Kingdom Hearts,
2- Sora : Sora has an optimism that really grows on you, and the love he has for ALL his friends is so strong it's hard to not like him.
3- Riku : Riku might be the most dynamic character in the entire game.

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1.Riku replica

Hoping they all get some time in the spotlight in KH3.

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Winnie the Pooh, Jack Skellington and Sora.

But I’m sure you meant original characters so I’ll go with Sora, Naminé and Riku, at the moment. I generally like every character in most Square Enix games.

1. Donald
2. Goofy
3. Sora

Side note: Goofy's success animations in the coliseum are the reason he reached that high in my eyes.


In no particular order, Xion, Roxas, and Axel. I know the game was a bit fanservicy in its story, but I liked 358/2 days and the richer character development it gave to someone besides Sora and Riku.

1.-Aqua - #SaveAqua
3.-Riku - Great character development

Both Aqua and Roxas deserve to get justice in KH3.