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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat Announced

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For mobile in China :D



According to reports from China, a little-known games studio and publisher known as Yunchang Game (云畅游戏) has obtained the IP rights from Capcom to develop the first mobile game based on Devil May Cry. Currently titled as 鬼泣:巅峰之战 (Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat), the mobile action RPG is expected to launch in China in 2018. Powered by Unity 3D, Yunchang Game is focused on the combat system, and confirmed there will be online modes, including team battles and real-time PVP. Only a few small images of the work-in-progress game is available, as seen below. Stay tuned for updates!






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lol you got me there!!! xD