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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - GoW 4 added to Game Pass today

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Had no idea this was coming. Saw a message about new Game Pass games and checked it out, Gears 4. Pretty excited to check it out. Got real burned out on older Gears, I think I literally made it 10 minutes into Gears 3 before I never touched the SP again.

Also added This War of Mine, which is a good game. A Sherlock Holmes game that looks interesting. The Darksiders remaster is added, fucking awesome game. I doubt I'll play it again, I got the platinum on PS3 last gen. Mass Effect 1 (aka the good one), and fucking FINALLY, Davey something Lacrosse 2016. I might download this just to see what the dynasty mode looks like.

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Good for those who want to try the game.

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