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Today around 12:00-12:50 PST and 14 00 - 14:50 CST It happened something very strange in  Uplay store Brazil  or directly a bug.. i'm gonna explain:


Basically games like the division , fallout 4 and batman arkham knight had its price reduced to a very small price.


The Division Standart edition ( only game and pre order bonus ) or Gold edition ( it includes the game + season pass + pre order bonus )

any edition by R$ 22,03 or $ 5,86


The Same for Fallout 4 ( key for steam ) R$ 22,03 or $ 5,86


many people who came before said Batman Arkham Knight cost around R$ 11,00 or $ 2,81


In my case I owned the division Gold Edition and received email confirm by  Master Card and Ubisoft, if my pre order is canceled and I get some credit in Uplay or whatever genre I write here in the post ^-^


Look here some Screenshoots:


The Division


Fallout 4






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People buy Fallout on Uplay?.


Chazore said:
People buy Fallout on Uplay?.


Its apparently a Steam key too - just checked it up.



Very interesting.


Though Uplay doesnt have that much third party sales compared to other competitors.


Also the glitch doesnt work in NA or maybe they patched it up?


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