I stopped playing Borderlands 2 because it's too damn hard....

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Borderlands 2 is actualy a very easy game... do sidequests, level up, sell weapons that drop (its like a pinata on this game a wespon drop every other kill almost) and use the money to buy better weapons and shield to complement the ones you get as drops. It is easier with at least one ally cause you can revive each other but its also easy solo.

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Nintation360 said:

I got this game last christmas for the PS Vita            

Well there's your problem.

Borderlands 2 is really not a hard game most of the time. There are some difficult enemies, sure, but pretty much everything in the first three or four hours is pretty easy. It also adjusts difficulty based on the number of players, so although it is best with multiple people, the game is entirely playable start to finish solo.

Do your side missions. Get the experience, get the weapons, sell what you don't need, grab ammo out of containers and corpses. If you don't have at least one gun with ammo at basically all times, you have a bad weapon set up.

That aside, good god are there any games you aren't bad at? It is getting way too easy to identify your topics.


cheshirescat said:
Nintation360 said:

I got this game last christmas for the PS Vita            

Well there's your problem.

Wow, you are just so helpful. /s

The Vita version is actually pretty solid. It was a little bumpy on release, but the folks who ported it actually kept patching it. They did not just let it die as a mostly functional downport, which I give them kudos for. I played through most of the game and a couple DLC packs on my Vita, and it was pretty enjoyable.


BasilZero said:
Just do side quests and sell any weapons or equipment that you find that you wont need to get better equipment. Make sure you have a decent shield - I usually get one that has a high shield strength with either a quick recovery or regen health ability.

Health regen is definitely the way to go most of the time, especially against bosses who kill your shield super fast.  New players should grab one of those as soon as they can.

I'd also highly recommend the Commando or the Mechromancer girl for new players.  They're both kind of easy-mode.

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Never had any trouble throughout the main quest, and I always played by myself. Raid bosses were certainly hard by myself, but still possible to beat in single player. You just gotta make sure to do most, if not all, of the side missions so that you get a lot of XP, and extra loot. If you're running out of money, just make sure to pick any and all loot and sell all the crappy ones.

Nintation360 said:

I got this game last christmas for the PS Vita because I always wanted to try it out since everyone says its a good game. I play it, it was hard but I thought to myself "You're a noob right now its okay" so I keep playing it. My shield kept getting damaged too fast and reloaded too slow, I was ALWAYS running out of ammo, I try buying ammo but I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. So I get my skill up to finally ignore my struggle in the game then I run into this boss which is IMPOSSIBLE to beat on your own! I would take all the ammo I needed for my gun until it was FULL and wasted ALL my ammo on him and his health was still around 80% full WTF! So I go read online to see why this game is soo hard and I read somewhere that this game is MAINLY a mulitplayer game. I finally get a buddy online (I had to wait around 20 minutes dying over and over before a player showe up). Me and him barely makes it and FINALLY beats the boss. I get stuck again on this one part of the game and I wait and wait for a buddy from online to show up and no one comes! So I just decided to NOT play the game anymore because it's too hard. I would still play this game if it had a "Beginners Mode" or something. This is why I criticize hard games. If hard games weren't impossible to beat I would BUY the NEXT game and enjoy the rest of the franchise. I'M NOT SAYING all games should be really easy. I LOVE challenges but I HATE when games are impossible to beat and just cause alot of frustration. But maybe I just got the WRONG version of the game. Not many people play PS Vita anymore and maybe if I got this game for PS3 I would love it! since way more players play on that console but idk. I'll still consider Borderlands 3 when it comes out but Borderlands 2 on the Vita it soo hard for me.                

Go change your title.... Borderlands 2 is a very easy game, your simply playing the game incorrectly. 

Ask for help and found out what your doing wrong before making flawed statement like Borderlands 2 is too hard.

Don't criticize the game if you've obviously haven't made your homework to understand the game. Which Character are you using and what skills tree have you focus??? This game can be played solo and co-op, the skills tree has skills that are better for use during co-op play and aren't has useful during solo play. 

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It's not impossible though. You don't like challenges by your words.

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I knew this thread was yours from the moment I read it.

You really need to start getting good at games mate.