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Forums - Sony Discussion - [Spoilers]FINAL FANTASY XIV Heavensward (Knights of The Round LAST BOSS + Theme)

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Knights of The Round. Remember the ultimate summon from FF7? Oh yeah, that one!

This is the story mission last boss. watch if you don't mind seeing spoilers.

Watch in HD, the music is great.

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Everytime i see something related to this game i want to play.

But i don't have the time anymore T_T.

On another note, its awesome how it really resembles the FFVII summon.

So many FFVII feels from this fight.

It's like fighting the greatest summon in Final Fantasy history.

That boss is awesome! :) Like the last dungeons of Heavensward.
Is it part of the trials roulette though? (it would be a shame to do this fight only once) 


EDIT : And I'm glad to see their Main Tank die the exact same moment and way I did! 

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I'd love to play this game. A friend bought me the vanilla version for my birthday, but I just don't have the time for an MMO anymore. I doubt I ever will tbh :(

Cool video though!