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Forums - Sony Discussion - Are Japanese PSP games region free?

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I am thinking of getting a physical copy of Corpse Party for the PSP, but before I spend the money on it I want to know whether I will be able to play it or not. Does it vary by the game? If so, does anyone here know whether I'll be able to play Corpse Party or not?

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The PSP is not region-locked, at least for game discs (I have both Monster Hunter Portable 3 and Monster Hunter Poka Poka Airou, both imported from Japan), but somehow Persona 4 Arena for PS3 had some form of software region locking, even though the PS3 is also region-unlocked. I've never heard of a PSP game with this restriction, so you should be safe.

PSP is region free so yes you can play games from any region on it. I have PSP and a few Japanese games and PAL games I play on it. I'm in the US

Ka-pi96 said:
Yeah, PSP is awesome like that. I've imported some games as well and they've worked fine

That's good. I bought Coprse Party, and it would suck paying as much as I did just for it to collect dust not being able to be played.