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Forums - Sony Discussion - Test Chamber - Infamous: Second Son ("You are destroying the city")

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Some good gameplay.

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"You are destroying the city WOW"

Cant wait to play.

Dark Souls 2 and this, no sleep anytime soon.

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The game is way faster than inFAMOUS 1 & 2... I think I will like a lot.

This video got me so hyped. They haven't even showed most of the enemies or power in the game. This month is the best all year.

Does look stunning, so glad next gen is here .

Ohh boy... I will be a bad guy first.

Edit - Finished to watch... at the end they hide what happened to not give us spoilers.

Very nice, I like the spoiler filter. Beside the last of us where I really forced myself to not look into anything after the E3 trailer it has been a long time ago that I played a game without knowing what to expect and what is going to happen.

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