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Now it is time to me play it again.

Oberon – the Paladin Warframe

Players using the new Paladin Warframe, Oberon, will make an immediate impact within their squad, assisting in all team efforts across the board. Whether you’re looking to assist your co-op bros with Oberon’s Renewal power or simply inflict effortless pain amongst your enemies with Smite, Oberon is the perfect balance for players looking to aid in both healing and dishing out the pain.

Customizable Controls

In Warframe there is a huge emphasis on customization as we want you, the player, to make the Solar System your personal playground. You can customize the appearance of your Warframe and Sentinel, add a touch of class to your Clan Dojo, and create thousands of badass weapon combinations with the Mod Card system (just as a few examples) but you can’t customize your controls…”WHY CAN’T I CUSTOMIZE MY CONTROLS, YOU MONSTERS!?” Easy big fella – we hear you!

Players can now map the DualShock 4 controller to their liking, creating hundreds of layout possibilities. Find what works best for you or simply revert your changes back to the default layout with the simple press of a button.

Trophy Support

In the eyes of the fans, Trophy Support is likely our biggest feature addition in Update 11.5 and it couldn’t come soon enough. Trophies will have to be earned as they are not retroactive. A total of 20 Trophies are available, encouraging players to rank up their equipment, build items in the Foundry with collected resources, and participate in co-operative play; a key feature we like to emphasize in the Warframe universe. Co-op is king!

With Trophies now supported, I’m hoping I can take down the Wanted posters around the studio clamoring for my head. Now my question is, can I collect my own bounty? I could really use that crusty old danish. Mmmmm…crusty old danish.

BTW in the comments section.

"Hi GotDanny1989,

To answer your question we’re having a lot of success on both the PC and the PS4. The PS4 sign-ups continue to grow daily and I think 2014 is going to be a big year for free-to-play titles on the PlayStation 4. Thanks for playing Warframe, we hope you enjoy this latest update!"


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Must to play title now...

yay trophies!!

I want to start a new char... maybe the new one or which vgcharterz like to play?

ethomaz said:

I want to start a new char... maybe the new one or which vgcharterz like to play?

Looks like vgchartz doesn't like this game :l

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I've played it a few times, it's pretty good.

When they say co-op I hope they don't mean with friends... I literally don't know a single other person with a PS4.