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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No 'Tekken 7' Release Date In 2014: Katsuhiro Harada Planning XBox One, PS4, PC Iterations For Fighting Game Franchise!

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Which version would you get?

PS4 9 64.29%
Xbox One 1 7.14%
PC 4 28.57%

I quite enjoyed Tekken 6. I know it got some hate but I played it on PSP and had a pretty good time with it.

So bring it on, Harada. PS4 if need be. Take your time with it.

And scrap Tekken x Street Fighter. I think SF x Tekken did enough damage to the 'brand' to make it not worth your time at all.

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I would get the Wii U ver- WAIT A MINUUUUUTE!

If it really comes to PC, I'll buy it.

BasilZero said:

Tekken X SF wouldnt be the same as SF x Tekken simply because two different developers and the mechanics will be different since Tekken isnt the same as SF. I'm pretty sure at this point, Tekken X SF will become more popular but only if they go that route.

Doesnt seem like Capcom's gonna invest on it though, such a shame too cause I wanted to play SF X Tekken  on PC ;(.

I realise it wouldn't actually be the same.  But people are going to see the name and associate it with SF x Tekken and all the fiasco with on-disk DLC and I'd imagine that will put them off.

Enjoyed Tekken 6 a lot...maybe too much! (20k wins haha)

I'm still of the belief that the PS4 and its current success caught Japan Inc off guard and now they are struggling to get projects up and running for it...which is unfortunate. Many will announce PS3/Xbox 360 games in the not too distant future, i suspect that Tekken vs SF will be announce for them followed by current gen versions (same with Ultra Street fighter 4).