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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lets Guess: who's US Hardware sales will be higher due to GTA5?

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PS3 has the GTA5 bundle

360 has a huge presence in america and these big releases always seem to favour the 360. 


This is NOT about software, What hardware will be higher and by how much

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the 360

probably the 360.
But I see the ps3 doing some crazy numbers too because of the bundle.

Both, I think that maybe the ps3 a little bit more because of blundles and because en North America everyone has a 360, so there are more houses without a ps3 and that bundle is made for them

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360 of course. America is full of 360 heads I like to call them.

Most of the copies at my store were bought for 360 as well. Maybe 15 for PS3.

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what was npd for august? need to see PS3s to make a guess for here


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BHR-3 said:
what was npd for august? need to see PS3s to make a guess for here

96k vs ~71k

360 will have higher sales in US but PS3 will have more increase in units and % week over week.

PS3 bundle is just selling better than any other console SKU.

then im gonna say this is the start of new things to come and PS3 will sell the most for sep


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