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When it comes to Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3, Capcom Vancouver is flirting with both accessibility and insanity - the game can be played without the restrictions that make its predecessors so idiosyncratic, but switch to Nightmare Mode and you'll find that it's every bit as tough as the Dead Risings of yore.



Unfamiliar with said restrictions? Imagine a world that ticks on through time without your interference, throwing up mission opportunities according to a strict schedule. Imagine a world without checkpoints, where you can only save in restrooms, a world in which you can't roll back to a previous save if you fudge up.

Dead Rising 3 makes it possible to play without these testing constraints straight off the bat, rather than insisting that you unlock a more relaxed "Infinity Mode" by completing the campaign multiple times. The punishment-loving can, however, get their kicks in Nightmare Mode, which is also available from the get-go.

"It's probably the most difficult Dead Rising game we've ever made," producer Mike Jones told OXM at Gamescom, but added "we wanted to sort of have our cake and eat it, serve both kinds of gamers.

"I'm the kind of gamer who just wants to be chilled, who doesn't want to be on a timer or a schedule, but a lot of Dead Rising fans love that timer, and love that save system, and they love breaking controllers, I guess - throwing them against the wall. So if you're a masochist, we're not going to ruin it for you."

Players aren't required to go along with the plot, either - there's just as much scope for gadding around in ludicrous costumes as in prior games. "You can take it seriously, as a zombie survival outbreak simulator, or you can do this nonsense," added another Capcom representative. "We're laying down a canvas, and we're letting you paint up that canvas and make the game how you want to make it."

Dead Rising 3 on Nightmare Mode won't just be harder, Jones continued - it'll be fairer. Capcom Vancouver has laboured to steam out the AI kinks that once caused headaches during survivor rescue missions. Survivors can now be ordered around using the D-pad or Kinect voice controls - you can tell them to guard an area, for instance.

They'll also board vehicles when you do, and the absence of loading breaks between areas means there's less chance of accidentally leaving them behind. Perma-death is still a feature, though even deceased NPCs have their uses - zombies will feed on them rather than pursuing the player.

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doesn't look like!

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doesn't look like!

I've never thought that Dead Rising is a hard franchise. It's more on the easy side. It is a bit sad that people consider the "original timed-gameplay" a difficult affair.

That mode sounds like cruel fun!

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