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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Take-Two registers HungoverX domain

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What could it be?

GTAV on Next gen consoles? 1 25.00%
GTAV on PC? 0 0%
Agent!? 1 25.00%
New IP? 2 50.00%
Promotion for GTAV? 0 0%

Grand Theft Auto parent publisher picks up new domain name for mystery project.

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption parent publisher Take-Two Interactive on July 25 registered the domain name, according to records spotted by Fusible.

The site points out that the name was registered privately through Network Solutions, though Take-Two is the owner.

Take-Two has not announced any projects related to HungoverX and the company does not hold a trademark for the name.

The website,, currently does not resolve to anything. Take-Two's next major project is Grand Theft Auto V, which releases worldwide on September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.



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Hungover the game now in an open world las vegas

sounds like Max Payne to me...

antfromtashkent said:
sounds like Max Payne to me...

Max Payne 4 :O?

I thought they said they didnt make a lot of money off of 3 though ;(

Maybe its something related to another Red Dead or a Red Dead PC Port!

(Watch it be like a promo for GTAV l0l).


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First thing that comes to mind to me....